If you’re planning to visit Broken Hill in New South Wales Australia, you’re in for a treat! Once a remote mining city, this charming destination has been lately growing a solid reputation as an enjoyable touristic attraction. Nested close to the Barrier Range of mountains, it’s also known as the capital of the Outback or even the Oasis of the West, since it’s surrounded by mostly deserted grounds - the closest metropolis, Adelaide, is located over 300 miles away!

Broken Hill is a favored great destination for those seeking peace and quiet… but that doesn’t mean it’s a boring place! In fact, there are many worthile attractions waiting for you at the Silver City. This article will run you through some of our favorite things to do in Broken Hill, so read through and start dreaming of your upcoming journeys.

Pro Hart Gallery

Credit: https://www.prohart.com.au

1. Pro Hart Gallery

This art museum is one of the most popular Broken Hill Attractions, these days. This three-storey building is dedicated to the memory of Pro Hart, one of the most cherished painters of the Australian outback. Many of his best works are on display, along with a video presentation showcasing his legacy and even a full-size recreation of his studio.
Address: 108 Wyman St, Broken Hill NSW 2880
Phone: (08) 8087 2441
Website: https://www.prohart.com.au/

2. Living Desert Sanctuary

If you want to enjoy the best Broken Hill Sightseeing options, we recommend checking out this amazing reserve. The Living Desert Sanctuary is a fenced natural reserve just a few miles away from the city. There you will marvel at twelve gigantinc statues made of sandstone, as well as an impressive display of the local flora that includes many luscious wildflowers which can’t be found anywhere else.
The Sculptures Site Opening Hours
Summer months (Dec-Feb): 6.00am to approx. half hour after sunset.
Remaining months: 8.30am to approx. half hour after sunset.

3. Royal Flying Doctor Service

Part museum and part theatre, this cultural centre pays tribute to the medical crews who make up the Royal Flying Doctor Service, a charitable organization which has been helping preserve the health of locals across the outback for nearly a century. This place is worthwhile visiting especially if you want to learn more about the local culture; also known as Bruce Langford Visitor’s Centre, in memory of its late benefactor.
Address: Broken Hill Airport (BHQ), Airport Rd, Broken Hill NSW 2880
Phone: (08) 8080 3780
Website: https://www.flyingdoctor.org.au/nswact/our-services

4. Line of Lode Miner’s Memorial

Another crucial point of interest for those who want to explore the local culture. Miner’s Memorial (as the name suggests) both documents the city’s once prolific mining industry as well as renders tribute to the more than 800 miners who lost their lives working in the mines. Here you will learn about the shocking work practices that local miners were subjected to, while exploring the ore body underground.
Address: Federation Way, Broken Hill NSW 2880
Phone: (08) 8080 3560

5. Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery

This is actually the oldest art gallery in the entire New South Wales region. It was established in 1998 in one of Broken Hill’s most esteemed heritage sites, located right in the middle of the business district. It features ongoing temporary exhibits from many of Australia’s finest painters, both past and present including some representatives of Aboriginal art.
Address: 404–408 Argent St, Broken Hill NSW 2880
Phone: (08) 8080 3440
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BrokenHillRegionalArtGallery

Sulphide Street Railway Station

6. Sulphide Street Railway Station

A great attraction for anyone who takes interest in trains, as well as anyone who wants to learn more about the historical background of Broken Hill. Established in the old building where the Sulphide Street Station used to operate, this museum displays the many locomotives used throughout the city’s rail road history, as well as many related documents.

7. Jack Absalom Gallery

This gallery is dedicated to the life and work of Jack Absalom, a highly regarded contemporary outback painter. Asides from the impressive landscape paintings, you will be impressed with the enormous display case featuring a wide range of opal jewelry which made Absalom popular.
Address: 638 Chapple St, Broken Hill NSW 2880
Website: http://www.jackabsalom.com.au

Silver City Mint and Art Centre

Credit: https://www.silvercitymint.com.au/t

8. Silver City Mint and Art Centre

This well known art centre holds an impressive display of silver jewelry created locally, as well as artworks from local artists. The most notable attraction here is the highly popular “Big Picture”, a gigantic painting measuring 100 metres long, which is regarded as the largest acrylic painting in the world made by a single author.
Vibrant venue offering paintings, sculptures, chocolates, jewelry & a large painting of the outback.
Address: 66 Chloride St, Broken Hill NSW 2880
Phone: (08) 8088 6166
Website: https://www.silvercitymint.com.au

9. Whites Minerals and Mining Museum

Another must-see attraction for those who want to learn about the historical heritage of Broken Hill. This mining museum is hosted by an actual miner who spent many of his early years working underground, so you can expect to hear a lot of real first-hand stories from those days.

Mutawintji National Park

10. Mutawintji National Park

There are many Broken Hill Tours with all kinds of vehicles available to take you through the vast outback wilderness of the Mutawintji National Park. When you have explored all the points of interest within Broken Hill, we recommend you to take advantage of these tours to enjoy the surrounding outback wilderness while safely exploring its tremendous natural beauty.
Address: Mutawintji Rd, Mutawintji NSW 2880
Area: 689.1 km²
Established: September 4, 1998
Phone: (08) 8080 3200


11. Synagogue of the Outback

One of the world's most remote Jewish museums, Synagogue of the Outback is a testament to rural Jewish communities of the past.

Unknown to most, Broken Hill has hosted a thriving community of Jewish people from the 1880s to the 1960s to present.

Though he Synagogue stopped operating in 1962, many of the original furnishings have been left untouched.

Address: 165 Wolfram Street, Broken Hill, NSW 2880
Established: 19th Century

Phone: (08) 8088 2058


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