Set against beautiful mining landmarks, Broken Hill, often referred to as “The Silver City,” is an isolated mining city located on the far west of Outback, Australia. Broken Hill is the gateway to some of the most breathtaking attractions in the country. Owing to its captivating history, beautiful national parks, palatial federation heritage, amazing art galleries, fine restaurants, and spectacular landscapes, Broken Hill ranks among the best places to visit in Australia. The city has so much to offer for outback travelers, and all they need is to have access to roadside assistance to avoid any unfavorable experiences. Are you planning to drive to Broken Hill? Follow this guide.

Sydney to Broken Hill

  • Barrier Highway

Distance: 1,146 km

Most people use the Barrier highway. Those who use this route will tell you that it is not the most exciting. However, you can stop at the majestic Blue Mountains. If you have never experienced the famous Blue Mountains, the area is home to some of the country’s most dazzling tourist attractions. It’s a great place to spend the night as you enjoy the fine food, festivals, and gorgeous villages.

  • The Riverina

Distance: 1,309 Km

While it may seem like a long distance, using the Riverina to travel from Sidney to Broken Hill is only about 140 Km longer. This route is mostly used by people who want to avoid the congested road over the Blue Mountains. If you enjoy long road trips, this route is for you.

Adelaide to Broken Hill

Is driving from Adelaide to Broken Hill fun given the fact that these two cities are close? Yes, it’s fun. Driving from Adelaide to Broken Hill provides some great alternative routes that you can use to make your road trip enjoyable. Here are the routes.

  • Barrier Highway

Distance: 520 km

This is a direct route, but that is not a bad thing especially when you consider the beautiful sites found along this route. The route will take you through Barossa Valley, which is one of the country’s leading wine growing regions. The route will also take you to Clare Valley, which is ranked as one of most beautiful wines regions in Australia.

  • Sturt Highway

Distance: 674 Km

When compared to the Barrier Highway route, the Sturt Highway route is a little less enjoyable because you will only pass through one wine region. The route begins in Adelaide and heads to Barossa valley before crossing the Murray River to Wentworth. From Mildura or Wentworth, you have two choices. One, you can decide to use the Silver City Highway, up the Darling River, or use the awe-inspiring Lake Mungo.

Melbourne to Broken Hill

The most direct route is through Mildura, straight up to “The silver city” along the silver city Highway. You can easily do this route in a day, but where is the fun in that? For more fun, you can consider using these routes.

  • The Long Paddock

Distance: 1,076 Km

This route will take you through Echuca, which is a wonderful stopover. For those who have never visited Echuca, this is the best place to experience the Murray River. You should try it.

  • The Calder Highway

Distance: 987 km

This is the most direct route when traveling from Melbourne to Broken Hill. The Calder Highway route allows you to experience a pleasant drive via the western district of Victoria, up via Murray westward to Wentworth.

Midulra to Broken Hill

Distance: 295.9 km

It takes three hours to drive from Midulra to Broken Hill. Use the Silver City Highway if you want to reach your destination fast. This route starts from Mildura and then passes through the Murray River, near Curlwaa, to Wentworth, a great stopover.

Brisbane to Broken Hill

There many ways to drive to Broken Hill from Brisbane, but these two are the most popular.

  • Corner Country

Distance: 1,775 km

This route will take you in the majestic Toowoomba through the Darling Downs to Daldy, St. George via Balonne Highway. This route is used by those people who like long trips and enjoy beautiful sites.

  • Down the Darling

Distance: 1,445 Km

This route starts as corner country route but takes a different route when you reach Toowoomba. From Toowoomba, this route heads south-west to Moree and onto the Darling River run. The Darling River Run will then take you through the iconic towns of Bourke, Tilpa, and Wilcannia.

Before you start your road trip, make sure you can reach an emergency roadside assistance provider who can help in case your car breaks down or runs out of gas. More importantly, take your time to understand what to expect on your journey to Broken Hill depending on your preferred route.


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